Thiết bị MP-118 Gateway

Thiết bị MediaPack MP-114 là analog VoIP gateways giúp cho các nhà cung cấp dịch vụ và doanh nghiệp có chất lượng thoại vượt trội để kết nối điện thoại cũ, máy fax và hệ thống tổng đài với mạng điện thoại IP và hệ thống IP-PBX.

  • Analog Signaling:  4/8 ports, FXS, FXO loop-start
  • Network Interface: 10/100 BASE-T, RJ-45
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Thương hiệu:
MODEL MP-114/MP-118
Analog Signaling  4/8 ports, FXS, FXO loop-start
Network Interface 10/100 BASE-T, RJ-45
Media Capabilities
Voice Coders G.711 (A-law and µ-law), G.723.1, G.726, G.727, G.729A/B, G.722
VoIP Features G.168-2004 echo cancellation, silence detection and comfort noise generation, dynamic programmable jitter buffer
Call Progress Tones Programmable detection and generation tones, pre-recorded tones generation
DTMF In-band and out-of-band signaling, RFC 2833, SIP INFO/NOTIFY
Fax Over IP Group 3/super G3 fax over IP, T.38 relay, automatic switching to G.711
IP Networking and Telephony Protocols
VLAN 802.1 p/Q VLAN tagging
IP Transport IPV4/IPV6*, DiffServ, TOS
Control Protocols SIP (RFC 3261) over UDP, TCP and TLS (1.2)
Media Protocols RTP (RFC 3550), SRTP (RFC 3711), RTCP (RFC 3550), RTCP-XR (RFC 3611)
Management Protocols
OAM&P Web GUI, SSH/Telnet, SNMP v2/v3, INI file
AudioCodes’ One Voice Operation Center
User authentication and access control via RADIUS
Automatic Configuration Zero-touch provisioning
Configuration/firmware download via HTTP(s), FTP and TFTP
DHCP-based provisioning - options 66, 67 and 160
VLAN ID discovery using LLDP
Voice Menu Basic configuration using standard touch-tone phone (MP-11x only)
Survivability During Network Failure
PSTN Fallback PSTN fallback upon power failure, IP connection failure, customer-defined IP QoS thresholds (MP-114 and MP-118)
Survivability Stand Alone Survivability (SAS) for 25 SIP users
Analog Telephony Features
3-Way Conference On-board 3-way conference
MWI Message Waiting Indication: High (neon) and low (LED) voltage, FSK, stutter dial tone
Caller ID Bellcore GR-30-CORE Type 1 using Bell 202 FSK modulation, ETSI Type 1, NTT, Denmark, India, Brazil, United Kingdom and DTMF ETSI CID (ETS 300-659-1)
Polarity Reversal/Wink Immediate or smooth to prevent erroneous ringing
Metering Tones 12/16 KHz sinusoidal bursts, generation on FXS
Distinctive Ringing By frequency (15-100 Hz) and cadence patterns
Subscriber Line Interface
Ring Voltage Sine: 54 VRMS typical (balanced ringing only)
Ring Frequency 25-100Hz
Maximum Ringer Load REN3
Loop Impedance Up to 1,500 ohm for the MP-11x, up to 1,600 ohm for the MP-124 (including phone impedance)
Line Current Up to 32 MA on 4 ports
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